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Caring for Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain! They are no-wax and low maintenance. By following a few simple steps you can keep your hardwood floors looking great for the lifetime of your home.


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  •   High traffic areas, such as entryways and in the kitchen (in front of the refrigerator and the sink in particular), should be protected by using soft-bottomed mats or nonslip rugs.
  •   Always be aware of what is on your floor! The legs of furniture should have felt on the bases to prevent scratching as the furniture moves with use. Take caution when moving heavy objects across hardwood floors; it is preferable not to drag things on the wood. Spills should be wiped up immediately and house plants should not be over-watered.
  •   The biggest cause of floor damage is what is on one's feet; make sure your shoes are not exceedingly dirty, be cautious of walking in high heels or cleats across hardwood, and black rubber soles can leave marks which will require friction to remove.
  •   The previous statement also applies to your house pets! Keep your pets' nails trimmed so they do not scratch up the hardwood, and your pets' dishes should sit on a nonslip rubber mat to keep the food and water off the floor.
  •   Clean your floor regularly and gently to prevent dirt from causing friction on the finish.


  •   Hardwood floors are no-wax, so you must not use oils or waxes on them. Cleaners which are oily or waxy should be avoided as well. Not only do oily or waxy products on floor dull the sheen and damage the wood, they also cause chemical changes in the wood which make re-coating the floor at a later time difficult because the wood no longer has bonding power.
  •   Wipe up food and liquid spills immediately using a damp cloth or paper towel. It is also suggested that a light misting and wipe-up of approved cleaning solution on the affected floor area be done soon after.
  •   The best method of everyday-variety cleaning for a hardwood floor is to use a soft dust mop, a nylon bristle broom, or vacuum with an attachment with soft bristles. Protective mats and decorative rugs should be cleaned regularly, and clean under those floor coverings when doing light housekeeping to reduce the dirt or grit that accumulates underneath them.
  •   Hardwood floors should also be cleaned properly on a regular basis. Old Town Hardwood offers a kit by BonaKemi which contains a dust mop, a terry mop head, and a spray bottle of manufacturer-approved cleaning solution plus 1-2-3 instructions for $35. The kit is available for purchase in our showroom, which open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


  •   Your hardwood floor should stay attractive for many years with care. However, since nothing lasts forever and no matter how durable your hardwood floor may be, you may someday see wear patterns or have difficulty cleaning the floor. Or perhaps the home you are in came with a hardwood floor which doesn't shine like it should. This is when you should contact Old Town Hardwood about having your floor refinished. Old Town Hardwood does both: we install new floors and we bring new life to old floors.
  •   Keep track of the details about your floor: know when the floor was installed or refinished (if possible), what finishing products were used and the proper maintenance of that variety of flooring, and make note any repair work done on the flooring. When you move, please give that information to the new homeowner so they may also keep the floors beautiful.